String.IsNullOrEmpty is great, right?

Do you know of String.IsNullOrEmpty and do you use it? You do? Think again after reading this blog post. Ooops, it might not work and even worse, it might not work only in release (optimized) configuration. Apparently JIT optimizer is to blame. What a nightmare for a developer - the same program might not work deployed at client and worse, the bug is not easy to catch either.

But now, here comes the cherry on the cake. MS recognizes this bug and they will fixes it soon, post Orcas. Note that Orcas is targeted for late 2007 or something.

I guess I'll have to replace all my String.IsNullOrEmpty calls with text == null || text == string.Empty.

I am an INETA Country leader

I was just nominated for INETA Country UG Leader for Slovenia which means that I'll have "control" over INETA user groups here in Slovenia. SLODUG (which I am also the lead of) is the only one for the time being though. Interesting situation - that makes me both leader of SLODUG and "supervisor" of SLODUG.

Robotics anybody?

Microsoft released Robotics Studio June 2006 CTP for creating robotics application easily. Ever wanted to play with robots but you didn't want to mess with different robot operating systems? You don't need to as Robotics SDK will take care of it.

Now, this sounds like a lot of fun for any (adult) child out there.