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Righthand has joined LLBLGenPro partners

I am proud to announce that today, after years of experience with LLBLGenPro development, I've become an official LLBLGenPro partner.


As such I am offering consultancy and development with LLBLGenPro, the #1 ORM product for .net. Do you want to speed up your database application development, reduce the number of errors in code, develop a database independent application and, most importantly, reduce the development costs? I firmly believe that LLBLGenPro is an excellent product that addresses all of these challenges.

If you are interested, contact me through contact form or through e-mail or any other way…

Hardware Slovenia

e-hiša (e-house) in Nova Gorica

Wednesday I attended the opening of e-hiša, the house of experiments, in Nova Gorica. Luka Manojlovič and a team of young volunteers have put up a nice place where quite a bunch of interesting experiments (robotics, optical, audio, physicall and other effects) can be seen and even toyed with. It is the place I should have visited when I were in school! I am also proud to say that I’ve contributed a couple of applications to the e-house and planning to create even more of them in the future.

Here is an article (and video) where you can learn more about it. Blog of e-hiša is here. Kudos to Luka and his team for amazing effort they made.


When demand surpasses supply

While I was browsing for OpenMoko (interesting concept btw) products I’ve came across this interesting e-shop page. Pay attention to the quantities. The Neo FreeRunner is quite an interesting gadget, specially for custom development I guess. I wish I had more time for playing with it…