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Roslyn project presentation at NTK 2012 material

Attached are the demo, the slides and enhanced Syntax Tree visualizer that I was showing at my NT Konferenca 2012 Project Roslyn talk on Thursday.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the talk. Now, start producing those Roslyn extensions!

Roslyn project.ppt (326.50 kb) (29.38 kb)

SyntaxDebuggerVisualizer.7z (46.30 kb)

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Two dimensional ScrollView for MonoDroid

There is no two dimensional scroll view for Android out of the box – the one that lets user scroll in both horizonal and vertical direction. There are either horizontal (HorizontalScrollView) or vertical (ScrollView) but not both. After some Googling around I’ve found that devs were mosty experimenting with combining HorizontalScrollView within ScrollView. This approach didn’t work for me and even if it did it has some drawbacks (such as scrolling is rectriected by one of the two directions at the same time).

At this point I was considering creating my own proper ScrollView from scratch but luckily I’ve stumbled across an implementation of the same idea by Matt Clark. The only problem was that I am on Mono For Android and Matt’s implementation is in pure java. Plus I didn’t have a clue whether his solution actually worked. Nevertheless I did convert his java code to C#/Mono For Android and voila, it worked almost immediately (after an hour or so of manual conversion – damn those java’s getters and setters instead of properties).

Attached are the C# sources in case anybody else needs it.

TwoDScrollView.cs (50.08 kb)

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NT Konferenca 2012 lectures schedule for mobile devices

I’ve created a simple ASP MVC 4/jQuery Mobile UI web site that helps you with NT Konferenca 2012 lectures schedule if you have a mobile device (now, who doesn’t?). Note that it isn’t a well thought, thoroughly and carefully crafted site. Instead it is a quick and simple one, actually it took me an hour (thanks to wonderful tools – VS2010, NuGet and technologies – .net 4.0, OData, WCF Data Service, jQuery Mobile UI, ASP MVC 4 and so forth).

Feel free to browse the lectures schedule through I might add additional features in next days – feedback me if you’d like to see a feature.

.net CodeRush

Go To Implementator update

New version of my Go To Implementator (1.0.8) is now built against  DXCore/CodeRush 11.2.11.