Listening to the music while working with computer

Do you listen to the music (or perhaps to a radio station) during your daily work with computer?

I do almost all the time. I actually listen to various metal (some will contest that metal isn’t music – it is, trust me ;-)) radio stations usually through Winamp/Shoutcast stream of which H4XED radio station is my current favorite. The ability to listen to internet online radios is just awesome – I mean not being restricted to local stations, old antenna based gadgets and low quality sound. Just fire up any of media players and I am sure you’ll be able to pick among thousands of stations streaming good quality sound.

So, what do you listen to when typing all that boring code?

Stop Israeli slaughter

When I started blogging I've decided not to bore the audience with political or other non-technical content. However, the situation in Gaza is well beyond political or rational - there is an Israeli state led slaughter over Palestinian, mostly civilian population going on. I can't do much to help stop the slaughter but at least I can boycott Israeli companies as well as state clearly my stand to my government and foreign ministry which didn't condemn the Israeli actions and have once again proven Slovene submisive attitude to Israel. They do not represent me, and judging from the public reaction, neither the majority of Slovenes.

Shame on them both, shame on everybody that supports Israel and their slaughter!