OziExplorer's map file converter

If you are using either GPSDash or GPSTuner image GPS navigation software you'll notice that their map database isn't nearly as huge as OziExplorer's. That's why I've created a free utility that converts OziExplorer's map file to other formats.

Note: It converts only map file but not the images.

Download it from here.

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  • Estung

    5/30/2006 8:56:34 PM | Reply

    Please, see the GPSTuner's  Forum!

    (Hi Miha,
    Any suggestion for solving my problem? Your sw asks for the .net 1.1 framework, but i have with my XP the .net 2. , so I cannot install your converter sw.
    What would you suggest to do?

  • Miha Markic

    5/31/2006 3:40:43 AM | Reply

    Hi Estung,

    I suppose you installed it after all. I guess only installer complains, while converter should run just fine. Let us know.

  • Jirka

    6/6/2006 3:25:03 AM | Reply


    file conversion between OziExplorer file and GPSDash fails on error

    Value cannot be null
    Parameter name: path

    Any suggestion ?


    Jiri Srba