I am an INETA Country leader

I was just nominated for INETA Country UG Leader for Slovenia which means that I'll have "control" over INETA user groups here in Slovenia. SLODUG (which I am also the lead of) is the only one for the time being though. Interesting situation - that makes me both leader of SLODUG and "supervisor" of SLODUG.

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  • Mladen

    6/21/2006 5:46:51 PM | Reply

    Another title??
    WOW!! Smile))

    you'll have to print all of your business cards again Smile))


  • Miha Markic

    6/21/2006 9:14:51 PM | Reply

    Thanks Smile

  • bojanv

    6/26/2006 10:40:09 AM | Reply

    congratulations on my behalf...