ANTS Memory Profiler 5 and its expiration message

I installed ANTS Memory Profiler 5 beta version a couple of weeks ago to try it out. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to really use it but it sure looks like a great memory profiler – easy to use and very powerful. So, I’ve started it again today only to get these two funny messages:




First one is really funny. Note that a newer build is available with bug fixes and upgrading is easy.

Here is a funny splash screen as well:


It is really refreshing to see un-boring messages and splash screen. That said you should give it a try – you can get a public beta version from Red-gate’s forum.

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  • Chris

    5/12/2009 1:27:56 AM | Reply

    There's actually a blog post about that splash screen over on Simple-Talk:
    Apparently it sparked something of a debate in the office!

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