A memory profiler for Xamarin.Android

Here is a first ever snapshot of my home-grown memory profiler for Xamarin.Android.

While very spartan it does the core job – comparing two snapshots for objects with growing instances (aka memory leaks). An array of Autofac.Core.IRegistrationSource[] is showing its references (one root, one to a List<>).

There you. Interested?

PS. Sample features DevExpress WPF components, chiefly XpfGrid.

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  • Dimitar Dobrev

    4/19/2014 1:50:00 PM |

    Hi, how can I try your profiler?

  • imgen

    4/24/2014 4:36:05 AM |

    Very interesting. When is it going to be released?

  • Miha Markic

    4/25/2014 2:56:12 PM |

    Hi guys,

    No promises, when I have some spare time for it.

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