Linq message box annoyance

Dear Microsoft, please remove Linq warning message box (when you open a solution with Linq preview installed) saying:

This is an unsupported version of Microsoft Visual C# 3.0.  As such many features may not work as expected.

I can understand the need for it but once per installation should be more than enough. Looking at the same warning everytime I open Visual Studio 2005 is highly annoying. Thanks.

Fix for DevExpress components coexistance

I've posted about the problem of co-existance of DevExpress componenents here. And here is the fix, thanks to support:To fix the problem you need to delete the following registry key after installing the latest update.


Note: the RTM version coming on Monday won't have this problem.

Regarding to upgrade of Developer Express components to VS 2005 RTM version

Regarding to this post I just noticed that the WinForms suite 2005 RTM version (numbered 2.2) doesn't co-exist with non-whidbey 2.x version. You'll get errors when you create or open an instance of suite components such as XtraGrid while editors work just fine. Also note, that this version is an intermediate and not yet released thus the problem will be probably fixed by release data 7th November.

Property "Copy to Output Directory" added in VS 2005

If you often find yourself writing post build project events just for copying some files to output directory you'll appreciate this new property "Copy to Output Directory" added to file's properties (just beneath the Build Action). Just click on a file in Solution Explorer and check out the Properties window. There are three valid values you can set:

  • Do not Copy (default)
  • Copy always
  • Copy if newer

It is pretty clear what they stand for and I think this addition is a small but nice to have. At least I will spend less time writing post build events. It won't help you copying user.config file, though, as this file can't be part of the project - so, don't forget how to write post build events.

How to get Developer Express VS 2005 RTM components right now

If you are in a need for Developer Express VS 2005 RTM components right now (officially this is an intermediate version) you can request them by dropping an e-mail to (taking for granted that you own a license). Otherwise (are there really programers who can wait?) you can just sit back, relax and wait for 7th november when they are going to be available through MyDevexpress. I've already installed them: among features listed in roadmap, which weren't available untill now, there is another improvement: way better toolbox icons :-). Go get them.