Once upon the time

Once upon the time I was using Delphi 5. It was before .net beta 1 come out of course. Anyway, I was often visiting Borland’s newsgroups at that time and I have to say that this blog post doesn’t surprise me at all. At that time newsgroups were like the past when “we” thought that Earth is the center of the universe and those saying otherwise were burned. Ah, memories.


Linq May 2006 CTP is out

Finally next Linq CTP is available. As usual it can be downloaded from Linq Home Page (here is Soma’s blog post on the topic and Dinesh ‘mr. DLinq’ Kulkarni’s post). I can say that DLinq has improved a lot – added many awaited features: table inheritance (albeit simple), multi-tier application support, expression tree visualizer, UI designer and more. I didn’t check the other Linq features yet, though.


Logitech headset problems, again

It all started with broken ear ring. Now, I’ve got another problem, probably a deadly one. Battery won’t recharge anymore. It is charging, charging, charging and then it works for a minute or two. I guess it is time for reclamation.

Hardware Windows

Good diagnostics tool

For some time speakers on my HP nx7010 don’t produce any output at all for unknown reason. So I decided to try HP diagnostics tool accessible from Help and Support item in Start menu. After some initialization I run Audio hardware diagnostics that looked like:

  1. Run a short wav in player
  2. Message box asked whether I hear sound from both speakers.
  3. After clicking No the tool informed me (with both a red icon and text) that audio is not working.
  4. No further steps are available.

Now, isn’t that just lovely?

.net Windows

Consolas font available for download

If you are tired or not of Courier New font within Visual Studio you should check out Consolas font. Initially it was a part of Vista and not redistributable. Fortunatelly Microsoft has decided to make it downloadable from its website:

Curiosity: It says that font pack is made for Visual Studio 2006. Go figure. I didn’t try it but I am pretty sure it would work with VS200x or any other application, too.
Another good choice for replacing Courier New is Vera Sans font. You can get it here:


Finalbuilder4 action for VssConnect

I’ve added to [FB4] action for VssConnect (a good wrapper for Visual Source Safe that allows working on internet) to public downloads.

It contains only Label action for now and has some unfinished features (see file description) but it should work just fine. You’ll find it here: