Utf8 and CodeSmith

If you are dealing with non-ASCII fonts in [CodeSmith] templates or their outputs then you probably noticed that non-ASCII chars are replaced with question marks. There is a cure though.

Place ResponseEncoding=”utf-8″ attribute in <%@ CodeTemplate %> node of cst file (CodeSmith template) like this:

That’s it. Both [CodeSmith] source file and output will happily contain all of your weird chars (why is there a need for non-ASCII anyway ;-))


Origami non-MS video

Found this today:

If you are interested in how Origami looks then check out this video.


The day my Logitech Freedom Mobile headset died

Well, not exactly died. But got a serious injury.

I just got information from Eventus that this part is replaceable and doesn’t cost too much so it is worth getting a new part.


CodeSmith coupon discount

Scott Hanselman found out a $100 coupon discount for [CodeSmith] ($100 off CodeSmith professional).

Go find it here:


Photos from EMEA MVP Summit in Cambridge

I’ve put online some photos taken during EMEA MVP Summit 2006 event held in Cambridge, UK.

Find them here: