4 thoughts on “The day my Logitech Freedom Mobile headset died

  1. Spock ears :-).

    Apparently this damage is caused by low winter temperatures (a guess from the serviceman). And yes, I was surprised too, by the spare part availability. That makes even for Logitech (-1 for glitch and +1 for spare part availability).

  2. Hi! I had exactly the same problem and got a spare part for it. How did you “install” the new earclip? I’ve tried pulling the old one out, but don’t dare to use as much force as would be needed to get it off. Is there a simple trick to do it?

  3. Hi Henrik,

    There is a screw you need to unscrew (right to the red mark on the picture). And yes, pulling the piece out is temptating ๐Ÿ™‚


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