A contribution to the Webheads CoP

Saša is doing some online community work for TESOL EVO BaW08 event. A part of her work is to create a nicely formatted weekly digest of forum threads (hosted on Yahoo forums). Nice digest is then published on BaW08 Wiki. Since the work is tedious I’ve created an application, named Webhead Digest Parser, for her and any other member that will do the same work. Using this application cuts 90% of the copy&paste&format work. Instead the user can focus on organizing the messages and other entities. Once the messages, groups and authors are organized the user can Export the output to clipboard and paste it into their Wiki site. You can read more about in Saša’s blog post.

Here is an application screenshot:


The application is built on .net 3.5 framework and even uses some LINQ stuff.

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