Assembly Binding Log Viewer fixed window size

If you are somewhat serious about .net development you certainly know Assembly Binding Log Viewer utility (aka Fuslogvw.exe), do you? If you don’t, you should – it lists all assembly bindings (both successfull and failed ones, depending on settings). 

Now, while this utility is very useful it has a crappy UI. What person made Assembly Binding Log Viewer  window of fixed size (at this point I won’t mention the other great parts of UI)? I mean it is usually packed with data which is displayed in a tiny list – at the time when 20″ LCDs are more and more available.

Somebody need serious dogfooding and some lessons in UI. Or perhaps it is time to write a custom viewer.

3 thoughts on “Assembly Binding Log Viewer fixed window size

  1. Yes, the UI is so crappy that I don’t use it at all. I’ve set


    Every log entry is an .htm file. The folder is not automatically created. If it doesn’t exists log entries are not written.

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