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Comparing heating costs using Silverlight

Out of curiosity I’ve decided to compare actual heating costs versus theoretical heating costs. The calculation shows how much it would cost If I used a modern conditioner instead of a centralized heating provided by city and fuelled by natural gas. Hence I crafted a simple Silverlight application using DevExpress Silverlight components (which helped a lot, but that’s another story).

The default data is my data for January but you can enter your own. While the application is in Slovene you can pretty much understand the huge difference just by looking at the chart below. So much for naively believing that heat provided directly by fire is the cheapest one.

Follow this link to the heating cost calculator


Silverlight 3: LOB without printing?

Looks like Silverlight 3 is very much geared towards line of business applications. That’s great and I guess what many people were looking for, including me.

So what does one need for a typical LOB application anyway? For me there are three front end ingredients:

  • editors (date, currency, etc.)
  • grid
  • printing

First two points are covered pretty well, and if they aren’t you can implement them by yourself or use 3rd party controls. The problem is the third point: printing.

I have yet to see a LOB application that doesn’t do any printing. Heck, even Notepad does printing. Since there is much talking about LOB acronym in conjunction with Silverlight 3 I’d assume printing will be natively supported by Silverlight 3. Now, sit down and take a deep breath: there is no printing support feature announced whatsoever! Looks like Microsoft is creating a new bread of LOB applications: green ones – they won’t pollute the earth with wasted papers. That’s good in the time of global warming. But that’s not good for LOB applications nor for Silverlight 3.

Imagine a customer asking: “The application looks great but how can I print the reports?
Manager/whatever (selling a Silverlight 3 application): “You can’t but you can see the data in 3D using your graphic card’s GPU! Why would you need printing for?
Silverlight 3 developer (kicking in): “Ehm, there is a PrtScn button on the keyboard.

Looks like I am not alone in printing quest (just to name first two from what I’ve read):

Redmon Developer News readers
Oliver Sturm (point 1 on the list)
… (I am sure the list is a long one)

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Developer Express offers free Silverlight grid: agDataGrid

That’s a Silverlight 2.0 data grid of course. They won’t just ship agDataGrid for free, they’ll include full source code, too. Looks like WPF and Silverlight are making companies to give away their grids for free (first Xceed with their DataGrid for WPF, now this). Nice trend, isn’t it.

And no, unfortunately isn’t available just yet but it will be soon.

Silverlight Slovenia

Today is the deadline for applying to Silverlight challenge

Don’t forget, Silverlight challenge is going to close after today. So, apply before it is too late. MIX and other great prizes are still waiting for you!

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Slovenia/1st European Silverlight Challenge

SLODUG has launched the Slovene website of the 1st European Silverlight Challenge. You can read more about it in this post (in Slovene) or go directly to the website (also in Slovene).

Believe in your talent! Take part in the “European Silverlight Challenge” Competition – Dare to participate in the European Silverlight Development Competition. Win the recognition that goes with first place and, of course, fabulous prizes! (or 'swag' as our UK friends would say)

Note that words "fabulous prizes" are actually, thanks to the generous sponsors, an understatement.

So, hurry up, read the rules, apply and submit a silverlight application before the 28th January 2008.