CodeRush’s amazing References window

There is another compelling feature brought to us by [CR] 2.1.x version: References window combined with ultra fast “Find All References” feature. Find All References* is a faster version than VS2005′ feature with same name (note that [CR] supports VS2003 and I think 2002 too, thus it automatically gives you same functionality there).

While the feature is similar (albeit much faster), the output is much improved. For this purpose a new docking window, References window (found in DevExpress/Tool Windows menu) is used to display all references utilizing different fonts and color (perhaps it is just a bit too much colorful and font different) in the left window. Furthermore, it can display a piece of code around selected reference (see right window).

Did I mention that [CR]’ version is much faster? In fact it is so fast that another option is possible: Live Sync (in upper left corner of Reference window). Live Sync performs Find All References in real time, when you move your caret in source code so you don’t have to invoke it manually each time and you have all references display at all times. To show off [DX] included even performance information in References window status bar.

See [CR]’ Find All References in action (caret is positioned over calcEdit1 variable):

(click to see normal size)

Here is also a video of new features in [CR] 2.1.x.

Personally I find References window (Live Sync all the time) of a great help to me, an another must have feature, and [CR] even more of a tool one can’t live without.

*Find All References searches for all references to given variable or type in entire solution and displays the output in a separate docking window. Very handy feature.

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