Dell 2001FP LCD and USB hub problem

Since long I have a nice 20″ Dell 2001FP LCD monitor that works just fine. As a bonus it has an integrated USB hub which works just fine, too, as long as I don’t standby my computer. Once computer wakes up from standby the integrated USB hub doesn’t work anymore. The only remedy I’ve found is to detach/attach cable that connects USB hub with my computer. Pretty annoying and lame if you ask me.

So I went writing an e-mail to the national Dell dealer over here in Slovenia. I’ve got a response that this is probably a problem in my computer. I could understand this explanation if it wasn’t for other 7 USB devices that are connected directly to my computer and all of them wake up from computer’s standby just fine. So I replied with my reasoning and never got another answer (OK, it is been just a day since but the initial post was sent 5 minutes after my question was sent).

So, the question for everybody that uses Dell 2001FP LCD screen is – does your USB hub works after computer standby or it is really a problem in my computer (which I am going to change soon anyway). I would be really thankful for any response.

And the another question could be: Is this a proper support from a large manufacturer? Rhetorical question…

5 thoughts on “Dell 2001FP LCD and USB hub problem

  1. I have the same Dell 2001FP, and the same problem with standby. I have experienced the problem with Logitech V20 speakers and iPod nano, neither of which have any trouble if they are connected directly.

  2. Thanks guys, it sure looks like a problem in monitor unit (perhaps a certain version). USB, bluetooth technologies look great on the paper but in real life there are glitches like this that really make more problems than benefits.

  3. Hey, I found the USB Root Hub that the dell hub is plugged into in the dev manager, and unchecked the “allow computer to turn off this device to save power” box. It made it through standby. Haven’t tried hibernate yet…

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