Free Succinctly book series from Syncfusion

Lately Syncfusion started producing e-books grouped under Succinctly series. The books are for developers on (mostly) Microsoft platform and are a free download albeit registration is required. I’ve peeked into few of them and I have to say I like them.

They won’t replace commercial n-hundred pages long developer books though but they provide you an introduction, the basics of the topic and serve as quick reference. So it is worth checking them out and kudos to Syncfusion.

3 thoughts on “Free Succinctly book series from Syncfusion

  1. Thank you for this nice hint to Syncfusion.
    But if you ask me, stuff like this often looks like grabbing emails of potential customers. How long will it take until they want to sell you something?

  2. FWIW I checked out the Objective C "Succinctly" book when I was putting together an iOS QuickBooks sync app a while back and it certainly helped me get rolling faster than I would've otherwise so there's definitely some value there.

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