Generic Plugin for LLBLGen Pro v2

I started to build my own collection of [LGP] plugins. For now, there is only one – Generic Field Setter. It is capable of looping through single/all project entities and set matching fields to read only. The comma delimited field list can be set through project custom propery or typed directly. As a bonus, you can set default values through modifying included .config file.

Free download here.

2 thoughts on “Generic Plugin for LLBLGen Pro v2

  1. Hi Stephen,

    AFAIK NHibernate is a good ORM. I didn’t check it thoroughly as it didn’t fit my requirements entirely at the time. Plus, ORM is heart of most of my applications and I really prefer to have a vendor & support handy – that pretty much ruled out open source stuff. After looking around I selected two ORMs for consideration: XPO and LLBLGenPro. After using XPO for a while (LLBLGenPro didn’t support .net 2 at the time) I found that it wasn’t the right choice. At the same time LLBLGenPro v2 was released. That’s said I think I will settle with LLBLGen Pro and build my future on top of it. I might write an article about my decision someday.

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