HTC did it again – new ROM, old story

At the beginning of this month news went out that HTC will release a new ROM featuring Windows Mobile 6.1 and improved graphics drivers for TyTN II device (and improvements/solutions for most of the issues). While the former was clear and confirmed by both [MS] and HTC the later was muddy. What improved graphics drivers exactly? Then an article was published in a Dutch online site and translations suggested that HTC had actually bought proper graphics drivers from Qualcomm and it will include them in this same update. Yeah, right.

On Friday, more than two weeks later HTC actually released a new ROM for the TyTN II device (you'll find it at HTC's e-Club web site). It features Windows Mobile 6.1 but, of course – cheap, ignorant and arrogant company as HTC these days is, no proper graphics drivers at all. Yep, the first reports don't indicate any significant performance improvements, the device is still unnecessarily sluggish – even worse, new ROM has apparently brought new problems (at least to some users), among them device freezing while typing on keyboard, Internet connection sharing won't work and Skype won't work either. Furthermore many old issues are still there.

Will I install new ROM? Certainly not at this time.

One thought on “HTC did it again – new ROM, old story

  1. Well I don’t own TyTnII but I am familiar with HTC ignorance. I have P3600 (Trinity) I think it is the best phone I ever got my hands on and I had a few, but HTC just doesn’t know how to make a good ROM so I had to find a good replacement for original ROM and there is a site (XDA-…) where you can find home cooked ROM which makes my phone perfect. I am sure you can find one for your TyTNII or at least some help about your problem.

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