Intel Matrix Storage driver, production version

Intel has put its Matrix Storage driver, official production version, online. Among other improvements, it is supposed to fix iTunes/QuickTime problems for good. I have to say: finally – it was about time! Hopefully this ends months long saga of destroyed RAID drives. I guess we'll soon find it out if the problem is fixed. As a precaution I'll make a copy of my disk content using excellent Acronis True Image software right before installing this driver and later iTunes. Just in case. May the force be with the brave.

Go get it here.

UPDATE: I've been running the above RAID driver and iTunes 7.2 for a couple of days now and there are no problems. Not sure about the disk speed when using iTunes though.

3 thoughts on “Intel Matrix Storage driver, production version

  1. I’ve been having this problem with iTunes in Vista (on a computer with Intel RAID). I also had the pleasure of a (supposedly) dead disk. I’ve searched high and low for a solution – not thinking it could have anything to do with the raid controller.
    I have now installed the driver … and I all work now! My iTunes is fast, and I can even add video. Fantastic! 🙂

  2. After installing the new driver – which solved the iTunes-Raid problem – I had another observation:
    A new driver for the raid-controller is apparently enough to have to re-activate Windows! No huge problem, but still annoying.

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