Linq message box annoyance

Dear Microsoft, please remove Linq warning message box (when you open a solution with Linq preview installed) saying:

This is an unsupported version of Microsoft Visual C# 3.0.  As such many features may not work as expected.

I can understand the need for it but once per installation should be more than enough. Looking at the same warning everytime I open Visual Studio 2005 is highly annoying. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Linq message box annoyance

  1. Interesting. I wonder what triggers it. Now that I think of it – I saw the message before when I was on beta 2. However at certain point in time it dissapeared (I didn’t pay much attention to this phenomenon at that time)

  2. I get this regardless if it’s a Linq project or not….

    Then I see this:

    Symptom: You see the message “This is an unsupported version of Microsoft Visual C# 3.0 / Microsoft Visual Basic 9.0. Therefore, many features may not work as expected” several times when using Visual Studio.

    Cause and Workaround:
    Oftentimes installed Addins will cause this message to appear multiple times.
    You can turn off the message by setting the following
    DWORD registry key to 0: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\CSharp\Options\Editor\DisplayAlphaWarning.
    If you’re using one of the Express editions then change “VisualStudio” to “VBExpress” or “VCSExpress” as appropriate.

    But I don’t have a ‘DisplayAlphaWarning’ key, etc…

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