Mountain biking with GPS

I used to mountain bike a lot when I was keh keh younger These days time is more of a luxury and thus I manage only one or two rides per week. On the other hand, I am better equiped now. Sometimes I take my Qtek 2020 PocketPC, Pharos GPS bluetooth and use GPSDash (warning: seems like development stopped a long time ago) utility to display my position on map and to read a ton of other data derived from GPS unit. It is fun and GPS shows position very well, just the altitude is in the range +/- 100m – this is normal as GPS units aren't built for measure altitude (due to satellites position). Anyway, this nice GPSDash utility lets me exporting recorded path to Gogle Earth format. IOW I can look where I rode directly in Google Earth application.

Attached is a clasic tour over mt. Sveta Gora, which has the highest round inclination in Slovenia.

In my downloads section you will find an utility that lets you export OziExplorer maps format to GPSDash's one.

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