My first ASP.NET MVC pet project – Walls Talking

This week I’ve been extremely busy. Besides my usual work that pays for my living I worked on my first ASP.NET MVC project: Walls talking. I followed ASP.NET MVC development for long time but never had time to do something on my own.

And just a few days before ASP.NET MVC RTM release I’ve downloaded RC2 and in a couple of days (in spare time, mind you) I’ve put together Walls Talking, a graffiti collection site. Actually the idea for this project comes from my Saša and I merely coded the site that implements the idea. It features a form for uploading graffiti photos and its description, about page, a home page listing last 10 entries and a syndication feed. So far. The site is under construction of course and I’ll add features as long as my time permits me.

I can say that ASP.NET MVC is a truly a great platform for building web sites. It feels so slick and clean and much easier than regular ASP.NET bloated wizardry. I am missing a few features (i.e. construction of URL links outside of the Views, StreamActionResult that can be cached, etc.) so far, but hey, it is only at version 1.0. And there are relatively simple workarounds for those missing features that I created.

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