My ORM presentations at NT Konferenca 2007 (Slovene event)

A year passed like nothing and NT Konferenca, biggest national [MS] event, is here again. This year I’ll be all ORM oriented, in fact, I’ll give two presentations on topic: LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET Entity Framework (which was recently postponed to 2008  – won’t make it into Orcas).

Nedless to say that I am an ORM convert and really excited about ORM products in general. Even more now, that [MS] is LINQing the ORM products. I have deliberately written ORM products because LINQ wave will hit all ORM products, not just [MS]’ ones, like Tsunami and this is soooo good – I really can’t imagine an ORM product ignoring LINQ for more than three months. IOW writting ORM queries using LINQ will be much more clear, readable and concise – this is huge huge benefit for ORM community (note that using LINQ for ORM queries is just a part of where LINQ shines).

There are two things I have to figure out though:

  • why the heck is [MS] going with two very overlapped ORM products instead of focusing on one and make it great.
  • how to explain to DBAs that ORM product is not a public enemy and a threat to them, at least not when used properly

So, see you there!

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