Problem with LifeCam VX-6000 and its solution

Lately I bought [MS] LifeCam VX-6000 web cam for my computer running Vista Ultimate x86. First problem I’ve faced was that I had to wait for [MS] to release its Vista compatible drivers since I was running Vista even before it went to retail shelves. Ok, that’s not a big deal, I am patient person I guess.

The bigger problem was that after installing proper drivers they were working just partially – I could use messenger video call but I couldn’t use LifeCam’s control panel to adjust the camera settings – I always got an exception upon connecting (without any good error message of course). Since I had no clue what was causing the problem I waited again until I’ve spotted a thread (using Google groups of course) where a guy stated that the culprit was…..Nero (I admit, I’ve installed Nero 6.something before, Vista warned me that it isn’t much compatible and might cause problems (this message was so true, I just didn’t know at the time), but I was able to burn media just fine).

So, I skeptically uninstalled Nero and LifeCam’s control panel amazingly started to work. Go figure.

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  1. About vista drivers, I just saw this from the PC Mag reporter Bryan Gardiner : “it might be worth mentioning that the site will be a sort of repository of Vista drivers. Although Vista is shipping with thousands of driver updates, those who are upgrading a self-built machine from XP to Vista might find they are missing at least a few component drivers not included with the new OS. So the site should be useful for at least a little while…” The site is at

  2. I bought this webcam yesterday. i installed it and it installed fine. i logged into AIM and video chatted but after 5 minutes of video chattng my computer shut itself down. i tried doing this at least 5 times. also i tried taking pictures. anytime i attempted to use it it ould shut my computer down, even sometimes when it wasnt even plugged in.
    this problem got so bad that it was shutting do almost imidietly after the computer booted. after a fe tries the computer wouldn’t even just boot. i let the computer sit and i tried to uninstall it but it shut down again. eventually i got it uninstalled and it hasn’t turned off since.
    Any solutions? please help. i would really like to use this webcam without putting my computer at risk!

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