Red-Gate’s SqlPrompt utility

Red-Gate’s SqlPrompt is an utility that makes you wonder how could you live without it. It is basically an application that runs in the background and adds “intellisense” support for Sql Server. In brief: (after 2 mins of testing)

  • it adds “intellisense” support to a variety of editors that deal with T-Sql (Query Analyzer, Sql Server Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, VS 2003, VS 2005, UltraEdit and EditPlus2 are on the current list). And not only name completition. It can add relations, too. Plus other not listed features.
  • it just works as one would except
  • free until 1st September 2006

I can’t even describe of how great help is this utility for all of us who type t-sql statements over and over. How could I live without it?

Download it here.

Found via Slovene Developer Users Group forum.

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