Refactoring in VB.NET 2005?

C# 2005 does refactoring and this is a well known (and very welcome) feature by now. A less known fact is that VB.NET 2005 does refactoring, too. Not out of the box. Instead, Developer Express provides a free refactoring plugin based on DXCore (free engine used by CodeRush for Visual Studio.NET). Refactoring is code modification without alterating external program functionality to put is shortly (for more information about refactoring follow the refactoring links). So, if you are “on” VB.NET 2005 beta 2, go check refactoring.
There is also a Refactor! PRO version (not free, works in all Visual Studio.NET 200x versions) that has additional refactorings that are useful in C#, too. Follow the inline links to learn more (so I don’t have to re-write those information :-)). Very interesting feature of Refactor! PRO is that it is extensible – you can add your own refactorings if you wish to. Isn’t that cool?

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