Slides from my .NET Micro Framework and Netduino (using also XBee Pro and C328R camera) talk at Študent je car

Today I’ve presented .NET Micro Framework to the students of Nova Gorica. I demonstrated running the C# code on Netduino by taking photos (on demand from client) using C328R camera, sending the JPG bytes over the wireless PAN provided by the two XBee Pros and showing the image within the WPF application running on the desktop. It was my first semi-hardware talk and it went fairly well I assume.

Attached are Power Point slides (in Slovene) and the demo code.

Note about demo: The client code requires PostSharp (if you compile it) for creating and implementing INotifyPropertyChanged. If you don’t have PostSharp then remove the references to it and NotifyPropertyChangedAttribute class. Then implement it manually for MainViewModel class.

mf.rar (13.00 mb)

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