SpbBackup – a must have PocketPC application

SpbBackup is my MVP (most valuable program) for PocketPC. To be more precise, a backup application (such as SpbBackup) is a must have for anybody using a PocketPC device.

What is good about it:

  • it backups your data (entire data on PocketPC if you want to)
  • doesn’t require ActiveSync to do backups (that’s history anyway)
  • supports compression
  • supports encryption
  • supports scheduling
  • creates an exe file

My (very) old PocketPC/Phone was Qtek 2020 (Himalaya). Cool device by any mean, however it had a very nasty problem. Sometimes (perhaps once per two months) it would freeze and only hard reset would bring it to life again. Meaning that data in primary storage is gone. And even worse, usually the contacts (and other) data stored internally was corrupt (WTF?). The oddities won’t stop here. This freeze was almost certainly to happen when I was abroad (looks like it was an intelligent bug) and left me without telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Unless I had my laptop handy (restore through ActiveSync restore functionality, assuming I was doing backups, which was an annoying process by itself – or manually configure everything from the scratch), I was in the dark.

This was a huge problem until I found SpbBackup. This backup application is practically fire and forget sort of application (you can do backups manually, too) – just schedule it to run periodically and you are protected. But what really shines is the ability to restore PocketPC from within PocketPC – SpbBackup creates executable files. When (if) PocketPC crashes hard and looses all the data, you just run the latest executable backup and bum, you are where you was at the time of when backup was created. No hassles, no laptop required, just run the last backup.

So that makes backup applications a first application everybody should install. And SpbBackup is a great backup application.

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