The remorse of HP

A week or so ago I fumed over HP’s attitude of forcing me into buying new scanner and ditching perfectly working old one just to get new drivers. And, as in the Lost series often happens, a miracle happened. HP people are obviously reading my blog and the felt a bit of remorse after my post. After all that scanner is their baby. So, the wise men there decided to make an inhuman effort and started porting drivers to Vista. Don’t believe me? The same old arrogant page now reads like:


Sounds more reasonable. If they deliver, of course.

4 thoughts on “The remorse of HP

  1. I don’t believe it. I saw the same thing you did, but I fully expect HP to completely abandon me on this scanner. I use a scanner maybe once every 6 months – being forced to spend so much on upgrading something I use so little really burns me up. Now when I go to the Vista page for the scanjet 3970 – it is blank.

  2. And the old “we are working on drivers” page is back again. There is still hope I guess.
    I remember similar situation with HP photo scanner – when Windows XP come out (I think it was XP) they didn’t have a driver nor they wanted to update it. After (I guess) huge user revolt they gave up and wrote the driver.

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