Two things you should know when upgrading DevExpress’ WinForms Component Collection for VS2005 from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2

There are two things you have to know:

  • don’t do a simple upgrade. Rather uninstall previous version, clean GAC, Program Files and Common Files and do a fresh install. There seems to be an issue in previous installer. No big deal.

  • The other issue is with designer. To be more precise, the designer of inherited forms. If you happen to get an exception at design time when opening a derived form don’t fear another Visual Inheritance drama. Just follow these steps (note: I am not sure which step is required and which is not (I guess removing and re-adding references is not) as I just did them all):

    • delete license.licx file

    • remove references to all devexpress assemblies and re-add them

    • close IDE

    • open IDE and rebuild the solution

    • open the form again and you shouldn’t have any problems


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