Upgrading DevExpress WinForms controls to 2.2.1

As soon as I downloaded the new WinForms Component Collection 2.2.1 for Visual Studio 2005 I installed them, turned the visual inheritance “experimental” support on opened an existing project. It won’t compile though because you have to manually update the references: remove DevExpress.* ones from each project that uses them and re-add them. This will fix all problems of upgrading. Now, the interesting fact is that if you initially look at the references (before updating) everything seems ok – while the project has all sorts of problems you would expect when there are bad references. Not sure whether this is a problem with Visual Studio 2005 or not.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading DevExpress WinForms controls to 2.2.1

  1. Hi Dustin,

    Good catch. I had them set to true. I reset them to false now. Anyway, true by default might be not bad. I have plenty of situations where I am using one version for a customer and another version for another customer. Thus it might come handy. Now, if only DevExpress would allow versioning… 🙂

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