Vista beta 1 is running under VMWare Workstation 5

I just installed Vista Beta 1 under VMWare workstation and I have two tips.

1. Vista won’t format your virtual hardisk out of the box. Thanks to the guys from VMWare support forums here are two solutions:

  • Boot from Windows 2003 (or perhaps XP – I didn’t try this) and format your partition then boot Vista (so you won’t need to format the drive with Vista)
  • Use VMWare provided disk drivers – see this article (again, I didn’t try this as first option worked fine)

2. When you install VMWare tools it won’t enable your virtual network card automatically. So, after successful install of VMWare Tools and rebooting go to Device Manager, find the network card entry (under Other Devices) with an exclamation mark. Right click on it, pick Properties and Reinstall Driver … button will enable the driver and network card will start working – voila, you can start using IE 7 now.

Here you go.

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  1. I was successful in formatting the drive with just Vista, but it requires you to create the partition, then try to format it, then reboot. You will then be able to successfully format the drive on the next install attempt. Also, I needed to increase my partition size to something larger than 4GB (I chose 8GB) for it to have enough space to install.

  2. Peter: Since you are asking, I’ve tried with these results:
    – Beta 2 TS: it won’t even start an install complaining an error
    – Beta 2 PRO: It will try an install, however, MSXML 6 parser (first item on the install list) will fail and thus nothing will install (not even attempt).
    This was just a quick test. BTW, .net framework beta 2 is installed with Vista thus only VS.NET 2005 should work but it doesn’t at least not easily.

    cgrant: Thanks for the update.

  3. I can’t get the Network Card driver to install. I can specifically point it to the folder with the driver in:


    But it still fails to install every time.

  4. Justin: The network card driver is installed when you install VMWare Tools. However, it is not working yet at that point. Thus follow my second tip (no need to install it manually).

  5. Miha,

    Thanks for the tip but I did try that at first. It failed which is why I was more specific with pointing it to a specific place for the driver.

  6. I’m having the same issues with installing the network driver. I just manually modified the .vmx file to add the “vmxnet” entry and am rebooting and will try it again (as per the VMWare knowledge base article on installing Longhorn)

  7. Just rebooted and Vista found a new device, but had problems installing the driver. I then clicked on the balloon and then the Add New Hardware wizard started up again and started searching for drivers. I told it to look in C:\Program Files\VMware\VMWare Tools\Drivers\vmxnet. It then worked…

  8. I’ve tried with Windows Vista Server beta 1 and I have a problem with the network card. Whatever I try, it tells me there’s an error installing the driver (for both VMXnet and VLance). Any idea ?

  9. No go for me, have formatted drive under XP and Vista says it is fine but as soon as it starts the install, says it cannot find a locally attached drive to store temporary files and the setup exits. I am using an IDE image (no go with SCSI either).

  10. SLRVision: Sorry, I don’t have GSX thus I don’t have a clue.

    Benny: Are you using Workstation 5? Did you try the create partition/reboot/format trick?

  11. Yes, VMWare 5, strangely enough I have exactly the same problem under Virtual PC 2004. I am using the MSDN ISO image of longhorn beta 1, I downloaded it today, dont particularly want to download it again I might add.

    I tried the reboot/format thing with VMWare, the partition seems fine, but Windows cannot install due to a problem with the temp files.

  12. @ Benny

    Are you getting exactly this error:

    “Setup was unable to locate locally attached hard drive suitable for holding temporary Setup files.”

    After this, setup says something about TAPI32.

    I’m getting the above and no matter what i do, i can’t install Vista to VM5.

    Since lots of VMW5 users installed succesfully, it’s weird to have error.

  13. Hi,
    I was able to install the Beta on VMware workstation..however i have issue with the Audio controller…any one having similar issues…..

  14. I’m trying in under VMWare 4.5.2 and can’t get the ethernet control to work.
    Tried each trick I read here and in the VMWare KB. Anybody any luck with VMWare 4.5.2 and Vista beta 1?


  15. “Setup was unable to locate locally attached hard drive suitable for holding temporary Setup files.”

    After this, setup says something about TAPI32.

    Yes, this is exactly the error I am getting under VMWare 5, and also Virtual PC, so I am leaning toward the copy of Vista rather than a virtual machine issue but at 2.7GB download, I dont particularly want to download it again. Perhaps I will try one of the versions doing the rounds of the bit torrent scene rather than the legitimate copy my MSDN universal offers me. Or I could wait for my next MSDN DVD’s to arrive and try a hard copy version.

  16. Mount the windows.iso image on the vmware tools cd and search it for the network driver. As for sound, go to, drivers page, soundblaster->others->16 pci, select win xp and drivers. You want the second result

    Driver release for SB PCI 128 Vibra / PCI 16 (Models CT 481x & 4740) (4.20 MB)

    That should get sound working, im using vmware 5

  17. Little follow-up on my question around VMware 4.5.2 and Vista.
    After a lot of testing and using all kind of tricks I found on the internet I couldn’t get the network to work πŸ™
    Updating to VMWare v5 and using the “2.” as described by Miha solved the network problem. I have Vista now running with network access πŸ™‚

    The tip from “travis” for the sound also worked fine for me.

    Thanks to all who gave tips on this page.


  18. I was able to install the nic using the windows.iso file that ships with version 5 on a 4.5.2 version without any issue. The drivers on the support tools that come with version 4.5.2 don’t install.

  19. In response to the Unable to find a local drive errors, have you tried using the SCSI interface option instead of IDE.

    First time round I used IDE and received the same error. However second attempt I tried SCSI and everything was fine.

  20. “Setup was unable to locate locally attached hard drive suitable for holding temporary Setup files.”
    If you already have a partition formated, this error comes because you do not have enough space: 6GB is not enough, 10 is OK.
    I succed to install Vista on VMware Workstation 5 and VMware ESX 2.5.0. No specific problem except with vmxnet.

  21. I installed Vista Beta 1 on a MS Virtual PC 2004 and got the same error “Setup was unable to locate locally attached hard drive suitable for holding temporary Setup files.”

    Ran XP Pro setup, formatted the drive (8GB) and setup started rolling.

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