Visual Source Safe 2005 over web problem 0x80072F19

Did you ever try VSS 2005 Internet connection? I did once just for testing.

I need it now for real, to connect to a client of mine. The client set everything up and I tried to connect. I tried to connect and got a connection error. This was easy to pinpoint – I opened the web service (VSS uses web services when working over Internet) page in IE7 and it wouldn’t open as client’s certificate wasn’t trusted by me. So I started trusting it and page opens just fine now.

So I retried with Visua l Studio (the only VSS over internet client – no, the VSS client won’t work over internet) and this time I got this error:

Add SourceSafe Database Wizard
The SourceSafe Web Service cannot be accessed at the specified address.

Address: https://[clienturl]/SourceSafe/VssService.asmxThe server returned the following error:  (0x80072F19)

The plug-in advanced settings for SourceSafe Internet require SSL connections. Please, verify that your server can be accessed using secure connections or change your plug-in advanced settings.

Google says that error 0x80072F19 is linked to certificate problems. Yet, there were no problems for me, at least so I thought at the moment. So I tried connecting from within Windows XP running in [VMWare] Workstation and it opened just fine. Go wonder. Thus, it has to be something with Vista. Well, no exactly. Just to be on the safe side I’ve tried with firewall off and NOD antivirus disabled, too. It didn’t improve the situation.

After more intensive googling I’ve came across this article which was not obviously related. It solution to error 0x80072F19 is:

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced
  2. De-Select Check for server certificate revocation.

Miracle, this solution works. I am not sure why it doesn’t work with Check for server certificate revocation option enabled in first place, though. Isn’t exactly safe to turn this option off? Odd. Anyway, turning it off did the trick and VSS is happily working over the Internet now.

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