7 thoughts on “VMWare Workstation 5.5.3 for ("experimental support") Vista

  1. Yes I have tried it with UAC off, and also unintalled/reinstalled the VMWARE but no dice. Once it hangs, if I just leave it eventually I get a blue screen. But, perhaps I should not be surprised since VMware does show a warning that Vista is not supported as a host OS.

  2. In the guest, it’s not new. I have 5.5.2 and Vista works, albeit slowly(just the fact it loads my pc running within the VM, not VMWare’s fault) as to host, I cannot comment except I’d like to see more comments for the verdict. 5.5.3 claims experimental Ubuntu 6.10 support but 5.5.2 works just fine with Kubuntu 6.10(same thing but with KDE) once you figure out the complicated task and force installing VMWare Tools. Can anyone tell me what’s new here before I take the plunge? Comments from anyone who has used both versions is appreciated.

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