VMWare Workstation 6.0 beta is available

VMWare started a beta program for its Workstation 6.0 product. I have to say that I find Workstation as a must have product – one that you can’t live without, at least I can’t. IMO it is the best workstation virtualization product out there (running on Windows), leaving [MS] VirtualPC far behind. Years away. Anyway, here is 6.0 beta which brings very useful features. My favorite being:

Integrated Virtual Debugger – Workstation integrates with Visual Studio and Eclipse so you can deploy, run, and debug programs in a VM directly from your preferred IDE”

Isn’t that just lovely?

There are other cool features coming, too: official support for Vista, multiple monitor display, automation APIs (I wonder whether this will be integrated into PowerShell) and headless mode. Plus there is broader support for devices, I think (USB 2.0, etc).

I see that VMWare Workstation is going to be even more indispensable. Right now I am downloading beta and hopefully will soon test the new features.

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