Want to build your own IDE?

No problem. [MS] announced Visual Studio Shell product. Just use the pieces and parts of Visual Studio, put them together and voila, there is your IDE. At least theoretically.

Anyway, this is an interesting and I would say very welcome move even for “normal” applications that support scripting or something like that (if you’ve ever supported scripting in your app you would know how hard is to include a proper IDE). I wonder what will be the licensing like.

And in the same post there is a notice that Orcas will be officially called Visual Studio 2008:

“That doesn’t say anything about the release of VS 2008 – only that it will be released in the FY08 financial year (as the naming convention is normally managed). “

I don’t know why but I have a slight suspect that it actually might happen in real, not financial, year 2008. I hope I am wrong though.

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