Where has strong typed dataset’s XSD gone?

If you use an earlier version than Visual Studio 2005 (who doesn’t?) it is easy to change or view XSD that defines a strong typed dataset: you have to open a strong typed dataset and then, at the left bottom of the window, you have two buttons: DataSet and XML.

DataSet & XML option

So, going to xml view was just a matter of clicking XML button. Now, there are no options anymore in Visual Studio 2005. How do you go to XML view? It is not that difficult after all – right click on xsd file in Solution Explorer, pick Open With … and then XML editor. I wonder why there aren’t those two buttons anymore. Btw, one of the reasons that you have to edit strong typed dataset’s XSD is connection string removal – Visual Studio 2005 embeds connection string into XSD if the table was build by dragging a table from Server Explorer. Usually you don’t want to carry the original connection string – it doesn’t make sense in team development and deployment scenario. So, you have to delete the connection right out of XSD manually (you’ll find <Connections> node at the very top of the XSD).

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