Why Microsoft keeps pushing laptop navigation software?

Microsoft has a range of GPS navigation products, such as Street & Trips, Map Point and Pocket Streets (did I forgot any?). The problem is that the former two run only on full blown Windows only (forget Pocket PC devices) while the later has no turn by turn navigation which makes all of three useless for in-car navigation.

I mean who would want to put a laptop on the windshield to have a navigation. This is so impractical that makes it useless. Even if you have a passenger that holds your laptop is really not usable.

On the other hand having a software (Pocket Streets) that runs on PocketPC and only shows your position on the map (the map that is pain to transfer from desktop PC to PocketPC) without turn-by-turn navigation is useless, too.

Combined with lack of map coverage for Slovenia makes it so useless combination that it almost hurts. I am struggling to understand the Microsoft strategy on GPS navigation software but I fail to see one. Even if I had Slovene maps it would be still useless.

Here is a free advice for MS: make a solid PocketPC (or Windows CE) turn-by-turn navigation software like the competition does (TomTom, Garmin, etc.) if you really want to have a car navigation system.

One thought on “Why Microsoft keeps pushing laptop navigation software?

  1. I guess MS looks forward and do not want to develop anything today for a platform that can die an a year. I sure, its more easy to wait untill pocet PC weill be as powerful as todays laptop then to invest resources in the risky compact devices software devlopment.

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