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There is another interesting online storage provider offering 1GB of free space – DriveHQ. 1GB is less than the other two mentioned in this post yet it has one huge advantage – it supports access through FTP. Perhaps the downside is that it doesn't support secure FTP (do you really want your credentials transmitted in plain text without encryption?) – I've asked them and waiting for response on this issue.

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  1. I have been using DriveHQ service for almost 5 months now. I think the service is the best I have seen in the last 6 years. The key is the killer applications / features they have developed. The FTP service is impressive; but when you use their DriveHQ FileManager 3.0, you will be amazed at how much better it is than a regular FTP client. E.g., it includes folder synchronization function; you can share files on the Internet like you share files in a local network, and access them like from the local network. Even more impressive is the raw performance. It blows aways any other so-called online storage service. You can compare the convenience of the service and the performance to a USB drive, and only better.

  2. Hi jerry,

    Well, DriveHQ support didn’t reply so far – that makes a minus for them. And they don’t support secure authentication over ftp which makes two minuses (you can’t use 3rd party software for doing backups). So it is not an option for me I guess. But thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Try IBackup for Windows that allows you to perform safe and quick backups and restores of files and folders. None other than the PC World magazine has rated IBackup as the `best all-around backup service.’

    IBackup’s services include applications for interactive and automatic scheduling of backups with compression and encryption during transmission, incremental/full backups, synchronization, advanced logging and reporting. IBackup also allows backups of open files like Outlook and Quicken files. It also provides an easy, secure, fast and a reliable way to backup or restore MS Exchange Server databases to your IBackup account, backup or restore Microsoft SQL Server databases running on your computer to your IBackup account

    IBackup has a great application called IDrive. Using this, you can map the online account as a local drive on your computer and work on the documents or data as if they are on your PC. Webmanager, their browser-based application, allows you to `privately share’ data with another IBackup user. The shared data becomes immediately available to the shared user and it integrates seamlessly with the shared user’s account.

    IBackup supports backups for UNIX and Linux-based computers using rsync, the open source utility that provides fast incremental transfers. IDrive Multimedia, another variation of Network Drive technology (available only for XP and 2000), can stream multimedia content like video and audio using a media player. With this application, streaming of multimedia content is instantaneous.

    You can also try IBackup Professional, which provides a secure, efficient, reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use Internet-based backup solution. The files and folders you backup are encrypted with a user-defined key so that the data stored on IBackup Professional servers cannot be decrypted by anybody other than you.

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