BlueSoleil bluetooth stack is restarting my Windows XP

Perhaps it is just me but I keep bumping into problems with bluetooth stacks. Making Qtek2020 to work with a bluetooth headset was an adventure by itself.

But now I am facing another very annoying problem. I have a Logitech┬« Mobile Traveller Headset and a couple of friends with voice enabled MS Messenger (or some other IM software). So I bought a MSI BToes 2.0 bluetooth dongle for my desktop computer to enable chat via headset. This MSI dongle comes with BlueSoleil bluetooth stack (my first thought was: crap, why not Widcomm). So I installed this BT stack and amazingly everything worked smoothly. Even headset worked immediately. This was a warning that something bad will soon happen – I never saw bluetooth device working out of the box like that. And soon, I found out that I was right.

The crappy BlueSoleil BT stack started restarting my Windows. It happens in few minutes after login – Windows just go into restart for no reason. Go figure – why would BT stack reset my Windows? I would understand BSOD or something like that but not a restart. And it happens even when dongle is absent so it has to be a pure software issue.

I don’t know if it is just me but I find bluetooth software of very low quality in general. I wonder if I’ll be ever able to solve this latest issue.

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