Developer Express published roadmap for 2010

First new “feature” is stepping down from three releases per year to two releases per year. Regardless how it sounds, it makes sense. A lot of sense. Developers and other staff spent a lot of time preparing releases and I don’t mean implementing new features but just preparing and testing the releases. From now one they will have more time for coding new features. As per DevEx clients this is good news as well – having to do major updates less time per year provides similar benefits. Bottom line is that we have more features, less work and possibly less bugs.

From the technologies perspective it looks like WPF and Silverlight are getting mainstream while WinForms is dropping down from first place (that said it isn’t a dead product, far from it, it is just not the most important anymore – I am very pleased to see this shift happening). ASP.NET MVC will get some beta versions (“we shall be testing the waters with beta versions of the data grid, menu, navigation bar, and tab control”) while ASP.NET is still the most important of the two.

Visual Studio 2010 is going to be supported big time including CodeRush for VS2010.

These are news in brief from what I can read. But don’t take my word for granted, read it yourself at

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  1. I’ve been waiting for that moment a few days and here it is. The Developer Express have published the roadmap for the year 2010. I took me some time before I even noticed that, but that’s because it’s snowing outside. It makes you feel great…and so it does reading the roadmap.

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