Developer Express steps into WPF

[DevEx], my favorite 3rd party .net component vendor, has just made its first public step into Windows Presentation Foundation world. They released a beta version of their charting product DXCharts for WPF (hey, where are those Xtra, Xpress, Express prefixes – “DX for WPF“, shhh, boring ;-)). Anyway, everything is as one would expected in WPF – animations and 3D make it look good. Though it is just a first step and many features (i.e. many chart types), we are used from WinForms world, are missing at this time. But this is normal as they usually concentrate on good foundations at first and only then they add all those additional features.

Here is quick glimpse at the demo that comes with the product:


If you are entitled to [DevEx] beta previews, go check client center for the beta bits.

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