ASPxGridView, MS Ajax and XYDataSource

If you use [DevEx] ASPxGridView within MS Ajax' UpdatePanel (ASPxGridView.EnableCallBacks="False") you should be aware that you should perform DataBind() method within OnInit method (Init event). Otherwise editing just won't work, or better, it works, just the modifications aren't persisted. It took me some time to pinpoint the problem as ASPxGridView worked just fine outside UpdatePanel. I had to put it within UpdatePanel because I needed to refresh other controls as well (otherwise grid refreshes just itself).

Note that when ASPxGridView is hosted in UpdatePanel the nice error reporting feature (see the picture below) won't work either – instead you'll get script error reported by browser. IOW you have to handle errors by yourself.


Cool automatic error feedback

See also this support thread.

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  1. Hm…i used version 7.3.5 and aspxgridview worked well..i also dynamicly load controls. I will certainly try this. I have new version installed, but didnt tryed it yet..miha, since when are you developing web apps?

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