The time of "Vote for XY product" is here again

asp.netPRO started voting process for asp.netPRO Readers’ Choice Awards 2008 as they do every year. And all of the 3rd party component vendors are asking for your vote, as usual. Nothing wrong there. But there are two things that I noticed during my voting. First, immediately on the top of first page, I saw this product:


This refactor tool was around at the time of Visual Studio 2002/2003 and died soon after, or better it froze. The web site is still there and you can even download it for free (Order tab). It was a great product at that time, offering refactoring when nobody else did. However the product is dead as the dodo for many years now. So I wonder, why is such product even listed as a choice?

The other odd thing is the categories. For example, Component Set category lists a lot of different sets. I mean different like apples and hard disks. How can one compare those? Or Utility category where the difference is even huger – looks like basically everything that didn’t fit in other categories landed here. Go ahead and compare Aqtime profiler with dtSearch with LLBLGen Pro. Which is better? I think the products with larger client base will get more votes simply because it is natural that you would vote for product you own in such case.

What gives? The results in at least the two categories mentioned can’t be relevant if you ask me, or better, they’ll just reflect the client base size of each product.

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