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ADO.NET vNext Entity Data Model Designer Prototype, CTP

Get much awaited ADO.NET vNext Entity Data Model Designer Prototype, CTP here (note: you’ll need LINQ May CTP and ADO.NET vNext CTP (August 2006) to make it work. And make sure you don’t install this stuff on production machine as you can easily get into troubles.

Check out a couple of ADO.NET vNext screencasts here.

Hardware Windows

Dell 2001FP LCD and USB hub problem

Since long I have a nice 20″ Dell 2001FP LCD monitor that works just fine. As a bonus it has an integrated USB hub which works just fine, too, as long as I don’t standby my computer. Once computer wakes up from standby the integrated USB hub doesn’t work anymore. The only remedy I’ve found is to detach/attach cable that connects USB hub with my computer. Pretty annoying and lame if you ask me.

So I went writing an e-mail to the national Dell dealer over here in Slovenia. I’ve got a response that this is probably a problem in my computer. I could understand this explanation if it wasn’t for other 7 USB devices that are connected directly to my computer and all of them wake up from computer’s standby just fine. So I replied with my reasoning and never got another answer (OK, it is been just a day since but the initial post was sent 5 minutes after my question was sent).

So, the question for everybody that uses Dell 2001FP LCD screen is – does your USB hub works after computer standby or it is really a problem in my computer (which I am going to change soon anyway). I would be really thankful for any response.

And the another question could be: Is this a proper support from a large manufacturer? Rhetorical question…


They saw the light

There are a ton of different instant messaging (IM) applications out there. And they are all free. However, while their features are remarkably similar there is not a pair of them that can communicate between them IOW you can communicate only using the same application. Isn’t this ridiculous? Didn’t they hear about standardization?

I have to run at least three different ones if I wish to keep contact with friends and customers. OK, there were/are some hybrid applications that allows you to use different protocols (such as Trillian) but I didn’t find it very friendly at the time I tested it (a while ago).

Back to the title – apparently even producers of IM software realized the nonsense of keeping walls between them and started working on cross communication – the pioneers are Microsoft and Yahoo. I certainly hope that others will follow and perhaps one day create an open IM standard.


Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta 1 is out

So Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta 1 is out and available through Microsoft’s Connect. First thought I had was like what? no CTP? OK, kidding aside, it takes forever to install – at least on my compaq nx7010 laptop. It started like two hours ago and still massacring too slow 4200RPM disk that suffers inside. I hope it finishes today.

Hardware Windows

BlueSoleil mystery revealed

A couple of days ago I wrote about how BlueSoleil bluetooth stack keeps resetting my Windows XP. I finally found what is going on.

The reset is triggered by RUPS2000 software. I guess you are wondering what is this thing. It is an UPS management software – it watches your UPS (if you don’t have one you should get one) and when things go bad (AC is gone, battery is empty) it can shut down your computer. And this is actually happening – RUPS2000 is shutting down my computer thinking that battery is empty (I found this by looking at system event log). The problem is that battery isn’t empty and AC is available – IOW it is a false alarm.

It seems like BlueSoleil bluetooth stack is somehow messing with RUPS2000, it gets confused and starts shutdown procedure. Go figure. Until I find a proper solution I’ll keep RUPS2000 disabled.

PS. Needless to say that I didn’t get any support from either IVT (BlueSoleil manufacturer) or MSI (bluetooth dongle manufacturer).

Hardware Windows

BlueSoleil bluetooth stack is restarting my Windows XP

Perhaps it is just me but I keep bumping into problems with bluetooth stacks. Making Qtek2020 to work with a bluetooth headset was an adventure by itself.

But now I am facing another very annoying problem. I have a Logitech® Mobile Traveller Headset and a couple of friends with voice enabled MS Messenger (or some other IM software). So I bought a MSI BToes 2.0 bluetooth dongle for my desktop computer to enable chat via headset. This MSI dongle comes with BlueSoleil bluetooth stack (my first thought was: crap, why not Widcomm). So I installed this BT stack and amazingly everything worked smoothly. Even headset worked immediately. This was a warning that something bad will soon happen – I never saw bluetooth device working out of the box like that. And soon, I found out that I was right.

The crappy BlueSoleil BT stack started restarting my Windows. It happens in few minutes after login – Windows just go into restart for no reason. Go figure – why would BT stack reset my Windows? I would understand BSOD or something like that but not a restart. And it happens even when dongle is absent so it has to be a pure software issue.

I don’t know if it is just me but I find bluetooth software of very low quality in general. I wonder if I’ll be ever able to solve this latest issue.


Another online storage provider with free storage

There is another interesting online storage provider offering 1GB of free space – DriveHQ. 1GB is less than the other two mentioned in this post yet it has one huge advantage – it supports access through FTP. Perhaps the downside is that it doesn't support secure FTP (do you really want your credentials transmitted in plain text without encryption?) – I've asked them and waiting for response on this issue.


Want free online storage? No problem, just pick a provider you like.

Just came over two free online storage accounts hosted somewhere on the net.

The first one is AMD Live! Media Vault (seems like AMD Live! promotion) which offers 25GB of free disk space. Upload file siz e is limited to 25MB and you can't download more than 1GB per month. Oh, and you can share your files. Downside? The only downsize lies in the fact that you have to use custom file manager, IOW you can't upload/download files programmatically (at least at first glance).

The other one is XDrive, which is not a newcomer and offers 5GB for free. It features various ways of file uploading and no apparent limitations on both upload and download. It also features backup software (why you need backups) which is a very good thing and desktop software that integrates xdrive into windows explorer. To create an account you have to sign in with AOL/AIM credentials.

As you see both offers are worth to check them out. I know I'll check XDrive because it might work from within SyncBackSE backup utility I use.

 UPDATE 21.9.: These comments don't look very good at all for XDrive.


Sign up for Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta

Great news, something is happening in VS 2005 service pack area!

Sign up for VS 2005 service pack 1 Beta. Apparently it will be available on Microsoft Connect in next few days.

Found via this blog post.

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Implementing more useful tracing for LLBLGenPro 2.0

[LGP] has an internal tracing mechanism that outputs data to Trace class using standard .net mechanism. To enable various tracing categories you have to switch one various TraceSwitches either at runtime or in config file.

But what if you want to execute the same select directly in Sql Server Management Studio perhaps? The reason might be your curiosity. More valid reason would be to check the generated sql statement as it might behave poorly of badly (or not at all) if it isn’t constructed properly. And finding why in a huge statement soon becomes picking a needle in haystack.

Find the solution in this article.