.netcore Docker Presentation

Content for my Cxncel “docker for developers” presentation (Slovene)

I’ve uploaded all the sources and slides of my Cxncel presentation to GitHub. Enjoy.


Content for my Mono, Docker, 3.14, WebAPI on NTK 2016 presentation

I’ve uploaded all the demo content and presentation slides.

Source files are on github, Docker images are on Docker hub. Give it a try.

.net Presentation Slovenia Tools Visual Studio

Roslyn project presentation at NTK 2012 material

Attached are the demo, the slides and enhanced Syntax Tree visualizer that I was showing at my NT Konferenca 2012 Project Roslyn talk on Thursday.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the talk. Now, start producing those Roslyn extensions!

Roslyn project.ppt (326.50 kb) (29.38 kb)

SyntaxDebuggerVisualizer.7z (46.30 kb)

.net CodeRush DevExpress DXCore DXCore plugin Presentation Slovenia

Slides (Slovene) from my “compiler as a service” talk at Bleeding Edge 2011

I have to say that I really liked this year’s Bleeding Edge event. It happens rarely that all the pieces fit together: weather was excellent, location was beautiful, I enjoyed my trip (part by train, part by bicycle), attendees were just great and my presentation was a nice interactive (with attendees) one – just as I like. I gave a ton of swag and shown how to enhance your development experience with extending/using CodeRush DXCore, PostSharp or just by using CSharpCompiler.

Hopefully the attendees did like the presentation as well.

Download the few slides below and see you at the next Bleeding Edge!

Prevajalnik kot storitev.ppt (586.50 kb)

.net CodeRush DevExpress DXCore DXCore plugin Presentation Slovenia

My “compiler as a service” talk at Bleeding Edge 2011

Microsoft is working on compiler as a service codenamed Roslyn for Visual Studio 11 which is supposed to come sometime next year, I assume towards the end of the 2012. Not much is known and Roslyn might be less feature rich as one might expect. Microsoft announced at Build conference that they’ll release some Roslyn CTP bits in a few weeks time.

The good news is that you can already use compiler as a service today through tools such as CodeRush(commercial)/CodeRush Xpress(free), PostSharp(commerical) and custom coding. Even if some tools are commercial, they provide a tremendous value.

Anyway, after a sabbatical year, I’ll talk again at the Bleeding Edge. In fact I’ll be talking about how to leverage these tools and use compiler as a service for improving both design time coding and your applications in general.

But most importantly, I’ll be giving a lot of swag away 🙂

See you at Bleeding Edge – do stop by and say hi.

.net 4.0 Announcement Presentation SloDUG Slovenia VS 2010

What’s new in C# 4.0 presentation at NTK 2010 in Portorož

Tomorrow I am talking about new features in C# 4.0 at NT Konferenca in Portorož, Slovenia and I’ll be there through all day. So if you want to hear what features were added to C# in its latest incarnation you are welcome to attend the presentation taking place in Emerald 1, 14:45 – 16:00.

Later I’ll participate in MVP Panel in MSTech (Pečina), 16:30 – 17:30 and as a SLODUG lead I’ll be present at SloUG meeting in Sunset, 17:30 as well.

If you just want to talk about something .net-ish or just want to say hi, feel free to find me as I’ll be lurking around during my free time.

BTW, the official NT Konferenca twitter tag is #ntk10.

.net mvc CodeRush CodeSmith DXCore DXCore plugin Presentation Visual Studio VS 2008

The slides and code from my “Making mvc applications strong typed” presentation

Yesterday I held a presentation (as the part of Bleeding Edge 2009 conference) on how to make ASP.NET MVC applications strong typed by using CodeSmith and CodeRush (actually by using its free DXCore part). Attendees were great and the presentation went well. Attached are the slides in Slovene and source code in C#.

If you are interested in the topic you might read my previous blog posts as well:

Thanks everybody for attending the presentation.

.net 4.0 Parallel programming Presentation Slovenia VS 2010

Parallel Programing in .net 4.0/Visual Studio 2010 presentation slides (NT Konferenca 2009 version, in Slovene)

Here are the slides used in my Parallel programming in .net 4.0/Visual Studio 2010 presentation (Slovene language) on NT Konference 2009. I hope you had good time during the presentation.

Parallel (283.15 kb)